Remote Managed Services

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Module 1 (Required)


The ability to remotely troubleshoot issues that are occurring at your machine, we have a 50% to 2/3 resolution rate to remotely solve an issue without needing to send a technician onsite. In those instances that we can’t resolve the issue remotely because it requires physical intervention by a tech. If we are unable to fix the issue remotely, we then will dispatch our technician.

Module 2

Windows Patching

MS releases their patches on a monthly basis. We then consolidate these patches into one quarterly update that we test and certify before pushing them out to your fleet which generally occurs between 3-4am local time, we will provide you a patch status report which you can share with your auditors that your machines are fully compliant. You can also request a custom date/time by notifying our ABS Money Systems (800-227-5700).

Module 3

Security +

Loading a whitelisting application on the ATM. Better than a traditional anti-virus because we don’t have to wait on definition updates for new threats that are being released. Instead we are locking down the ATM from anything that is not on our pre-approved list. We know what your machine should be running and if you have any custom applications then we can add them to our pre-approved list. This ultimately will lockdown your terminal and make it more secure than using a traditional anti-virus.

Module 4

Electronic Journal

Ability to have the ATM send records of every transaction as it takes place, we upload these transactions to our partner web portal so you can see transaction details in real time from the ATM. With this you will have access to see transaction type, sequence number, date and time, amount and the last 4 on the card used. You can also view a mock receipt for those transactions that will have all the same information that the card holder will see except for the graphical header/footer. We will also provide some analytics that break down transaction types, totals, or profitability based on the number of surcharge transactions and an activity graph showing your peak use over the course of a day, a week or a month. We keep this information available for 12 months, you do however have ability to download those transactions at any point so you can store them for your records.

Module 5

Marketing Screens

Ability to remotely push out your welcome loop, please wait and thank you screen along with any marketing campaigns. We will rely on you to create that screen content and have it correctly formatted. We can customize it with a set start and stop date or permanent change going forward. Once we have received that correctly formatted screen package, we can then push it out all at once or onto individual machines.

Module 6


We are installing a secondary solid-state HD inside the ATM. We have our agent perform a nightly back up to the secondary drive. If the primary drive fails, a technician. would still come out to swap out the bad HD and can restore the new primary HD from that back up. This reduces down time and potential data loss such as transaction data from EJ and software updates since they were last loaded.

Conveyance CCIM Back Office Software includes ATM / ITM check imaging, customized x9 content to fit your unique needs, automated daily check imaging process, may reduce FTE, integrates with other (CSG) solutions, and replaces the need for an expensive imaging server.

Module 7


Ability to process cash and checks electronically through Smart Deposit Depository. Monthly fee includes SW maintenance.

*Note: Must be in addition to the following modules: 1-Diagnostics, 2-Window Patches, 4-Electronic Journal, and 6-Backups.

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