RapidPrint AD-E Date Stamp

Product Description

The Model AD-E is the most popular of the Bidwell models.  They print anywhere across the top or bottom of a document (prints horizontal to the inserted edge of the document).  Whenever you need a printed record of year, month and date, a RapidPrint automatic date stamp can do the job.  Simply insert the form, document or letter for an instantaneous time-date imprint.

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Additional Info

Adjustable impact (easy potentiometer setting)
Date wheels lock when printing
Automatic ribbon advance and reverse
Sturdy lock to prevent tampering
Electronic circuitry for long life, dependability, easy maintenance

Product Specs

Height: 7 1/16 inches

Width: 4 11/16 inches

Depth: 10 13/16 inches

Weight: 14 ½ lbs.

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