Formax 7200 Series Inserters

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The Formax 7200 Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights. Whether you need to insert a 50-page document, a glossy booklet up to 6mm thick, or anything in between, this system can meet the challenge. Its modular design offers up to 11 feed stations, with high-capacity feeders, and a standard capacity of up to 2,000 sheets. The top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 800 #10 envelopes or 500 flats, in landscape orientation. Inserting into landscape flats offers higher processing speeds, fewer jams, and lower envelope costs.

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• Modular Design: Flexibility to add feed stations, from 1 to 11.

• Intuitive User Interface: 15” color touchscreen.

• Quick and Easy Setup: Automatic job setup with document & envelope library.

• Programmable Jobs: Unlimited.

• Flats Insertion: Inserts into landscape format flat envelopes, up to 10” x 13”.

• Versatile: Inserts sets of up 50 sheets, up to 6mm thick.

• Fast: Processes up to 4,800 envelopes per hour.

• Duty Cycle: Up to 200,000 envelopes per month.

• Powerful Folding Capacity: Folds up to 8 sheets at a time.

• Fold Types: C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no fold.

• Document Feeder Capacity: Standard up to 500 each, high capacity up to 1,000 each.

• Envelope Feeder Capacity: Up to 800 #10 or 6” x 9.5” envelopes, up to 500 10” x 13” landscape flats.

• Double Document Detection: Infrared and electromechanical.

• Accumulation/Divert Deck: High-speed/capacity accumulator, divert tray holds up to 300 sheets.

• High-Capacity Output: 4-foot Output Conveyor can be used straight-on or at 90° to the system.

I• nteractive Display: Predictive Intelligence shows time remaining until job completion.

• Automatic Document Measurement: Measures inserts for easier job setup and operation.

• Continuous Operation: Versatile Feeders are bottom-feeding for reloading on-the-fly.

• Custom Cabinets: Ergonomically designed, moveable storage.

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