Formax 6604 Series

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The versatile 6604 Series adapts to most any folding and inserting application. Models are available with 2 - 7 stations, offering the flexibility to meet your specific needs. A variety of input configurations includes a high-capacity document feeder for up to 725 sheets, 1 or 2 high-capacity production feeders, standard and special feeders, and short feed trays. The 6604 Series is capable of folding and inserting top, middle and bottom- address documents into top-flap envelopes (bottom-address documents can be processed only in Half and Z-fold modes, up to 5 sheets).

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Modular design with up to 7 feed stations. 10.4” full-color touchscreen control panel with improved ergonomics, can be viewed at an angle and tilted to operator’s height. 25 programmable jobs. AutoSetTM: One-touch set-up. Vertical output stacker holds up to 500 filled envelopes, with reverse stacking output. High-Capacity Document Feeder holds 725 sheets. Large, top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 500 envelopes for continuous operation. Two double-document detectors provide security. Diverter: Sensors redirect double documents and incomplete sets without interruption. Processes up to 4,300 envelopes per hour. Fold types: C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no fold. Folds up to 10 sheets of paper (Half-fold) and up to 8 sheets (Tri-fold). Energy-saving automatic standby mode.

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