Formax 6206 Series

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The 6206 Series offers advanced folding & inserting technology in a compact office machine. The full-color touchscreen control panel, AutoSetTM one-touch setup and 20 programmable jobs make this a truly user-friendly inserter.

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One automatic & one semi-automatic sheet feeder. User-friendly color touchscreen display with job wizard step-by-step setup guides. 20 programmable fold applications. Vertical Output Stacker holds up to 250 finished envelopes. AutoSetTM one-touch setup. Semi-Automatic Document Feeder. Automatic BRE/Insert feeder - 6206 Adv 1 & 2 only. Fully automatic adjustments. Seal and non-seal capabilities. Energy-saving automatic standby mode after 1 hour. Two counters: One resettable for addition and batch counting and one non-resettable. Four adjustable insert fingers. Processes up to 2,400 envelopes per hour. Double document detection. Folds and inserts up to 8 sheets of paper. Fold types: C, V, Z and Double Parallel, No Fold. Clamshell design for easy access to paper path. Automatic Water Level Detection. Compact footprint, ideal for the office environment.

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