Formax FD 676

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The Formax FD 676 is a high volume industrial burster designed to process large bursting jobs at speeds up to 500 feet per minute. The FD 676 is able of slitting, separating and stacking the forms as they are being burst. As with all Formax industrial bursters, a conveyor unit is standard on the Formax FD 676.

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Three levels of performance are available to process continuous form documents. The Low-Volume Series processes at speeds of 0 to 200 feet per minute. The Medium-Volume Series processes at speeds of 15 to 350 feet per minute and is capable of handling forms up to 17” long. The High-Volume Series operates at speeds up to 500 feet per minute. All three Series offer a wide array of options to meet individual customer needs. The Low and Medium-Volume Series can be used up to five hours per day, five days a week. The High-Volume Series is capable of continuous operation, seven days a week.

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