Duplo V-590

Product Description

The popular V-590 Sheet Cutter is uniquely designed to handle cut sheets generated from a digital printer. The V-590 automatically feeds the sheets and cuts/slits*/perforates* in the desired position. With increased ±0.5 cutting accuracy, faster processing speed, and other top-notch enhancements, the quality-engineered feeding and cutting system of the V-590 delivers precise and razor sharp edges on every finished piece, making it ideal for checks, coupons, notices, tickets, labels, membership cards, and much more.

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• Speed – Processes up to 2,640 sheets per hour.


• Usability – User-friendly, interactive control panel provides helpful prompts for effective and efficient operation.


• Accuracy – Guide rollers prevent stock from curling, and new transport rollers and fine paper control enhance accuracy.


• Miss, double, out-of-paper, jam, and interlock safety cover detection system.


• Pre-programmed for cutting six popular paper sizes.


• 100 memory selections available for random custom cutting applications.


• Optional slitter, perforator, stand, and belt conveyor stack.

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