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From the company that defined the benchmark for distributed capture, Burroughs Payment Systems now offers the most advanced series of remote capture devices in the industry: Burroughs SmartSource® Series. Its unique network connectivity and choice of features meet a wide range of business needs. SmartSource devices are the ideal solution for front- and back-counter processing as well as retail, commercial, remittance, and remote deposit capture environments. 


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• SmartSource Professional

Offers document and image processing capabilities in a PC-based application environment. SmartSource Professional devices include a documents auto-feeder and can process items at throughput rates from 30 to 120 dpm. Available options include a document auto-feeder, OCR-A and OCR-B optical character recognition, front franker stamp, high-resolution ink jet endorser with text or graphics printing, one- or two-pocket document disposition, and color image capture.


• SmartSource Professional UV

Offers additional front image capture capabilities on the SmartSource Professional unit allowing the front camera to image ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) security features. Imaging options available to the application software include: an overlay of the UV and visible light image, as well as an inverted (negative) UV image mode.


• SmartSource Expert

Offers document and image processing in a networked “thin client” application environment. SmartSource Expert devices have onboard intelligence for embedded computing to internally perform in real-time: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), image processing, image compression, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) read, franking, and endorsement. Image quality decisions and image security, through application of a digital signature to images, are made at time of capture within the device, thus reducing network traffic and eliminating image security risks.


• SmartSource Adaptive

Offers all document and image processing capabilities of the SmartSource Professional. With the added capability of processing full-page documents, SmartSource Adaptive devices can process an intermixed collection of document sizes (checks and full page items). SmartSource Adaptive devices can process checks at a throughout rate of 70 dpm and full page items at a throughput rate of 30dpm. SmartSource Adaptive devices’ standard hardware configuration includes an auto-feeder, MICR reader, front and rear image capture, a high-resolution ink jet endorser, and a single recognition, and a front franker stamp.

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