High Capacity Shredders

An in-house shredding program based around a high capacity shredder is the most secure and cost effective way to disposing large quantities of sensitive documents. When you hand over documents to an outside service, you relinquish control of your data security. Shredding services are also a never-ending expense which will only increase over time.


ABS Money Systems offers service on everything we sell and many of our competitor’s products.

Destroyit 4605
Destroyit 4107
Destroyit 5009
Martin Yale/Intimus 16.50
Martin Yale/Intimus 16.87
Martin Yale/Intimus 14.87
Martin Yale/Intimus 14.95
Martin Yale/Intimus VZ 17.00
Ameri-Shred Series 1
Ameri-Shred Series 2
Ameri-Shred Series 3
Ameri-Shred Series 4
Ameri-Shred Series 5