Martin Yale Intimus 9000

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The degausser Model Intimus 9000 is a continuous duty capacitive discharge degausser. The unit is designed to erase hard drives and tape cartridges that fit within the opening of the Media Entrance Door. The convenient media loading design accommodates many different types and sizes of media, without the need for adapters.

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Martin Yale Intimus 9000 is the most preferred choice of IT managers and compliance officers to reliably destroy the sensitive digital information. The data storage devices can pose serious threats if they get in wrong hands. So after use, the data storage devices should be disposed-off properly, which can only be ensured by Intimus 9000. This energy efficient degausser has simple one-button operation for quick and reliable results. It delivers super quick result and takes only 9 seconds to complete a cycle.

Intimus 9000 incorporates APT (Advanced Pulse Technology) for 100% perfect erase while 90% less power consumption. The field strength of Intimus 9000 is so strong that data erased by it cannot be recovered even by computer or laboratory attacks. As the technology is software independent, it can destroy all sorts of hard drives without the concern of operating system or interface. Its inbuilt safeguards check and ensure if the stored power is enough for completing the erase cycle. It keeps the user updated about the status of the process through field strength meter, audible tones and highlighted push buttons. It is a continuous duty degausser which can be operated continuously without any cooling cycle.


Martin Yale Intimus 9000 is shielded due to which its magnetic field does not interact with the magnetic fields of other devices such as credit cards, watches or other magnetic media. Manufactured with high quality components, it is one of the most durable degaussers available in the market.

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