MICR IV Series Encoder

Product Description

Reduce check processing costs with a Maverick MICR IV series encoder. The MICR IV is perfect for financial institutions, merchants, and retailers. Financial Institutions who want to create, repair, or to clear checks, will find the MICR IV series invaluable due to its speed and convenience. Merchants and Retailers who encode checks prior to deposit will benefit from being able to bypass bank proof processing, eliminate proof fees, reduce float, and make their funds available sooner.

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This encoder features state of the art high speed CPU technology, integrated autofeeder which holds 250-300 items, encodes speeds up to 60 documents per minute, and the smallest integrated footprint in the industry. 


• Exception Field Encode
• Full Field Encode
• Repeat Encode
• Acct. # CDV/CDG
• Proof of Deposit
• Batch Recall
• Register/Teller Totals
• Clean Batch Listings
• Calculator Mode

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