Self-Service Coin Centers

The Magner Self-Service Coin Center was purpose-built to be user-friendly for both customers and tellers  alike. The Magner Self-Service Coin Center is the most quiet machine on the market.


Set your own fees and generate significant income. Many of our financial institutions using the Magner Self-Service Coin Center are currently bringing in three to five thousand dollars every week. Experience a very fast ROI and save countless hours of teller labor.

Marketing Tool:

Your marketing staff will love these machines. Our customers are finding endless ways to effectively bring potential customers and members into your branch.


•             Donate Fees to Local Charity

•             “Matching” deposit promotions

•             Charge 0% Fee to Attract potential customers


Additionally – teller interactions with self-service customers allows for an excellent opportunity to cross-sell you’re other services and promotions.

Magner CDS 709
Magner CDS 726
Magner CDS 901
Magner CDS 906
Magner CDS 909
Magner CDS 926