Tellermate Ti X r3500

Product Description

The R3500 is designed to be a comprehensive cash room solution assisting the operator to perform everyday tasks using functions mapped specifically to them. The integrated numeric keypad allows balances and reference numbers to be entered and reported against. Count data can be sent in report format to a Tellermate printer or a PC. R3500 is designed to shorten every day tasks allowing your staff to spend their time strengthening audit and security processes, analysing actual cash data and managing cash levels in the safe and on the shop floor. The result is cash that is processed more swiftly and securely so that more of it gets to your bank account more quickly.

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Additional Info

• Counts cash, coupons and tokens.


• Numeric keypad for balances and reference numbers.


• Three count tasks.


• Customisable float values and systems.


• Cash up summary.


• Bag and bundle checking.


• High capacity money platform.


• Report to Tellermate printer or PC.


• Up to two currencies.


• Large, backlit graphic display.

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