Hyosung MoniSafe 400A Teller Cash Recycler

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The Moni Safe 400A Teller Cash Recycler raises the bar in advanced design and functionality. It operates with seven (7) removable intelligent cassettes (interchangeable with new line of Nautilus Hyosung ATMs and NBS) as well as a retract bin and counterfeit bin. Removable cassettes were once only designed to dispense money, with Hyosungs  one off design, they are designed to accept cash as well as dispense. This is a technological breakthrough. Removable cassettes are a game changer over the old drum and belt style teller cash recycler.  The Moni Safe 400A Teller Cash Recycler supports a variety of functions such as counting, sorting, counterfeit detection, fitness validation as well as supports multiple currencies.

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The MoniSafe 400A cash recycler makes use of a revolutionary intelligent cassette technology that allows the internal cassettes of this device to be exchangeable with other devices of the same family and also with the Hyosung assisted self-service terminals.  In addition, the MoniSafe 400A offers very specific functionalities such as loading from and unloading to a secure cassette, and self-auditing, which allow for new levels of cash automation efficiency.  These features, together with its industry leading high capacity and speed make the MoniSafe 400A the most advanced cash recycling system available in the market today.

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