Refurbished ATMs

Reasons to consider a refurbished ATM from ABS Money Systems:


Price: The cost of our refurbished ATM’s can save 40 to 50 percent verses a new ATM


Quality: Our extensive refurbishment process and workmanship ensures your ATM will not only look new but perform within OEM Specifications as well


Warranty: Our warranty of 90 days for parts and workmanship rivals any ATM Refurbishment Company throughout the industry


Upgrades and updates: ABS Money Systems prides itself in our ATM Industry Expertise. We keep up to date with all current ATM Requirements and Government Mandates ensuring your refurbished ATM meets all industry standards


Service: We not only provide top notch refurbished ATM’s but can service the equipment with the same attention to detail



Our Refurbishing Process guarantees your machine will operate just like new. Below is our complete process:


  • Remove all subassemblies
  • All blemishes on safe and top hat are repaired
  • Safe and top hat are professionally painted with high end long lasting paint
  • All subassemblies completely dismantled and rebuilt with new consumables
  • Subassemblies are re-installed into refurbished safe and top hat
  • Any upgrades or customization is completed
  • Machine is tested to ensure OEM Specification Operation
  • Modem, Power, and Alarm Cabling is provided
  • Combination Lock is shelved and added per customer spec
  • New decals including ADA Compliant Braille is provided
  • Provide modem, power cabling & alarm wiring
  • Redundant testing performed to ensure quality
  • Final inspection verified prior to shipment prep
  • Machine is prepared for shipping utilizing protective packaging and is secured to heavy duty skid prior to release


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Diebold 520
Diebold 720
Diebold 740
Diebold 750
Diebold 760
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Ncr Selfserv 26
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